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Reflexology is not a cure, but a Healing Therapy that Stimulate the body's own healing mechanism. Treatment is carried out by a qualified Reflexologist after an initial consultation at your first visit which is free.

As a Reflexologist and a Midwife i provide treatment for pregnant mothers from 3 months that may help prepare each of them for labour and delivery. It may also help you to cope better in labour.
In the postnatal peroid it may also help you with your recovery.

I also provide support for women having fertility issues and treatment to support them throughout that period.

If you are experiencing problems such as :
Backpain .
Stress related conditions.
Generalised Pain
Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
Digestive disorders .
Pregnancy related problems such as heartburn i may be able to help you.
Stress related Issues to aid relaxation.
I also provide treatment for babies and children.
If i am able to help ,then please feel free to contact me for information.

What Benefit Might YOU EXPECT?
It may help with relief with chronic and acute conditions.
Reflexology is now recognised as a well established, respected and effective therapy. (AOR)